Tuesday, December 3, 2013

#BB4SP: America: The Land of Adult-Children

#BB4SP: America: The Land of Adult-Children: Over 30% of Millennials are now staying home with their parents upon graduation from college, because of a horrible economy and lo...

I talk about the need for fewer college grads and more small businessmen in my PLATFORM blog... Click to PLATFORM now or later.  Also, with fewer students, colleges may come to realize where their money comes from, the students.  At the U of Illinois, we were forced to buy a food contract with the housing.  It was a shameful waste of good food due to incompetent cooks.  Pork chops, cold slaw and even Jello came out as tough as rubber.  Plus class schedules did not allow time to eat and get 2 miles across campus.  I could go on about the lack of comprehensive student logistics, but I will end with my story. 
To be short, I started with a 3.6 gpa and in my second year the screw up of my prerequisites caught up to me and I plummeted down to a 1.0 gpa.  Dishonored and disgraced by family I enlisted in the military to save face.